Consulting company Polyacov & CO. All kinds of legal services, build your business in our country with us

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What is consulting?

Consulting- Counseling activities of manufacturers, sellers, buyers on a wide range ...

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About company


We are consulting company Polyakov & CO!

Want to build your business abroad, or specifically in Ukraine? If yes, then you are on the right site!

Polyakov & CO: our ability - your success .

Our team will offer you :

- Representation in court ;

- Civil, family, administrative disputes ;

- Legal support of transactions ;

- Drafting of pleadings , contracts , appeals ;

- Privatization , legalization , cadastral number , Reg. acts;

- Addressing related to real estate and land ;

- Appeals against decisions of the SAI ;

- Maintenance and support full civil, administrative and economic affairs ;

- Representation in courts and other bodies and organizations ;

 - Subscription service for enterprises and organizations;

 - All kinds of legal services;

 - Professional Travel assistance in setting up your business ;

 - Ability to open a business of your choice anywhere in Ukraine ;

 - Consultation .


Your case just write or call us. Contact us and we will help you ! And nor any legal issue that has touched you, do not bring you troubles. We will do everything to make you satisfied ! No matter what business you want to start in our country ... let it be a factory or a restaurant, remember: Your business - our business!

Sincerely Polyakov & CO