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Skrill - Трать и зарабатывай

Как не стоит зарабатывать вы найдете тут


Affiliate Program Money Booker (skrill) What is it and what it eats .

Often trying to find all the money on the Internet or even in real life. In fact here and there to find a decent job is not easy. But according to estimates by UNESCO more people are turning to the network. Especially if the web masters to revise the lists , you can see that the set makes a teaser advertising, on contextual advertising - of course if you're lucky with the advertising platform. Today we talk about another income. It's about the affiliate program online payment system Money bookers or as many are accustomed to call Skrill. Unlike other payment systems such as PayPal in people carrying the name " stick " kind. They do not encourage their customers. With Pay Pal lot of problems ... for example often during verification cards Visa, off the window with a message that the card is locked Emitet your bank that prevents future reference card to the account, for most this is a problem because it limits in planned purchases or something this kind. For Web money , I do not say anything . As a system of payments is quite normal , but very many protections and any security levels , it is both good and bad . No middle ground . For foreign transactions will not do, no companions . And so the details about the Money bookers its affiliate programs. Payment itself was founded in the UK in London in 2001 . They are quite an authority in their actions with respect to its clients and partners . The electronic system allows to transfer and receive money (cash) online through email. Now that you know what is the organization and what it represents . How can we still earn with Skrill?

Read carefully:

That offers us Money bookers: This Three types of partnerships

The third way Skrill VIP Ambassador you can earn up to 100,000 euros for new members VIP-status. I will describe the first and second modes of work in partner Skrill (branch). The third way you understand yourself after read an article on the firs

- You can become an affiliate simply logging in the payment system .

Then , in the settings you will find the item referral link.

His - referral ( affiliate link ) , you can place anywhere on forums such as social networks. With a clear indication that the how and why. Can just tell your friends you know you know .

- For every friend who comes to Skrill on your recommendation and then make the payment , you will receive a commission from our income from commissions - up to 100 Euro

- If you have not enough ? You can follow the link to learn more which is next to your referral link , where you will learn how to become a three-step Vip parquet and receive up to 1,000 euros for a year with each client. Beneficial? And that !

- Once you start registration in 3 simple steps you will be asked questions along the way : How will you promote your Skrill account ie your affiliate link.

- You will be offered several options to note : Alas basic knowledge of English will be useful ) . You will be asked where advertising will be made ?

Note convenient options for you:


Forum ? Good ! Another way is not bad ? Have a website? Brilliant! This program is more simply called VIP branch .

Register second method occurs within 5 business days.

What do we need:

A little patience:
Mailbox ( not
This data residence (required for verefikatsii your online account, you come at a letter that indicates the code of your account data verefikatsii . You enter your account as parameters enter the verification code .
If your data is blocked account as false . Remember this.
Do not be frightened to be calling from the UK employee Skrill number will start at 44 . Tube rises if swami say do not be silent . If dropped okay too . This is a standard procedure for checking the phone number that was previously entered by you during registration.
I sincerely wish all the luck and success , we hope our article and this will help you acquire materyal At least the passive income . stay with us will interessno .

Sincerely team site Polyakov & CO

You big profits

как не стоит зарабатывать вы найдете тут